Uno di Uno realises exclusive projects, each of which is unique and has been defined according to the needs of the single customer. Luxury items inherited from the tradition of the Made In Italy craftsmanship are created to bring elegance and style to your space. All projects are based on the spaces that they will fill creating a unique, unrepeatable experience.

All the materials used in the realisation of Uno di Uno’s projects are of guaranteed and acknowledged quality: white marble coming from the quarry of Pietrasanta, in Tuscany; iron, steel and bronze elements crafted by Tuscan artisans; elements for walls, panels and floors bearing gold decorations from artisans in Venice and elements of pure sodium sulfate crystal from Murano, Venice. These are the only materials used for Uno di Uno decorations. In other words, you are offered the best of the Made In Italy and of Italian excellence concerning handmade products. All the knowledge and experience passed on by ancient artisan masters is at the complete disposal of a team of professionals whose aim is to make your space become unique. Uno di Uno realises any project concerning furnishing, including made-to-order and customised ones, to make your dreams come true and materialise your concept of style.