Uno di Uno is an absolutely exclusive brand in the world of interior and exterior furnishing: it is renown for its class and style together with its main peculiarity: the creation of exclusive products.
All produced furnishings are unique pieces, each of which is specifically personalised according to the customer’s demand, delivering guaranteed and patented pieces of furniture that will ensure the purchase of a high level, unequalled product.
Asking for Uno di Uno is asking for an exclusive, tailor-made and customised piece of furniture; not a stock product but a unique model, created with the passion and mastery that are typical of Italian craftsmanship, the authentic excellence of which is renown worldwide.
Thanks to its experience, the company is able to supply pieces of furniture for exclusive locations. Their quality clearly stands out in every step of the elaboration process and is Uno di Uno’s trade-mark.


A highly qualified staff is available to provide the best solution for the individual needs of each customer; high class furniture, authentic handmade pieces of artwork, all finely crafted by artisans for those who love style and elegance and who do not settle for an ordinary object. Purchasing a unique and exclusive piece of furniture effectively means taking home an original product together with the certainty that it is the only one of its kind and that no one else will ever have it.

The creation of furniture according to your desire, the style of your location, advice from experts and the use of the best available materials to provide you with a unique experience, is what makes Uno di Uno an innovative brand in the furniture segment, born to give an added value to your space – a touch of class that will make your setting absolutely exclusive and unique.