About the company
Uno di Uno is a company specialised in the design and creation of any kind of interior and exterior furniture to meet any request. Choosing Uno di Uno’s products will provide you with the guarantee of high quality, class and elegance for your spaces.
Uno di Uno is an innovative brand in the luxury segment that is inspired by the beauty of the Made In Italy and by the worldwide-renown, prestigious Italian artisanship. Through the skilful combination of such factors and the work of a team of field professionals, Uno di Uno has given birth to a wide range of highly valuable products, exclusively created for its customers and assembled with the most precious available materials – marble, crystal, gold, ceramic, premium quality wood – giving customers a deep, sensual experience of art and beauty.
The company furnishes flats, villas, hotels, boats and any other space in need of a touch of class by putting at your disposal a high-level design you may personalise, adapt and tailor to your like. Unique, patented, guaranteed and certified products will ensure spaces are filled with something absolutely unrepeatable.
Choosing Uno di Uno means refusing to settle for the market standards and looking for something more – exclusive, handmade, high-level furniture that may be personalised to stand out and give its settings a real added value. It means opting for items characterised by the typical Italian style that are designed to catch the eye and render your location a unique experience.
The most prestigious products of Italian artisanship and sculptural furniture of the highest value are crafted with exceptional materials by a group of professionals whose main competences are style and design. The service you are offered has been specifically defined to satisfy every single one of your demands, including the most elaborate and sophisticated.

Our philosophy

A product is not exclusive if it is not unique
What distinguishes Unodiuno
  1. A brand inspired by the beauty of the Made In Italy

  2. Furniture assembled with the most precious materials

  3. High level, customisable design

  4. Unique, patented pieces